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As a company, you are proposed a clear perspective of your situation through conducted audits. Taking this approach, the weak elements will immediately be revealed, and can be avoided even prior to their appearance. These audits analyze, correct and offer recommendations for your specific situation, assuring you optimal and definitive security solutions.

All our knowledge, expertise and know-how, including our partners’, are at your disposal. There is a single contact point for all your security issues: EBC Consultants.

After an analysis and a personal interview, we will collaborate to find the perfect solution for your security issues, taking into account the needs and requirements and of course the budget. Providing security or the use of surveillance by accredited security and surveillance companies prevents fines and after-sales service issues. Certified companies give you the guarantee that they are recognized by insurances and by the government. You are covered by maintenance contracts and clear agreements, stating the continuous monitoring and maintenance of your installations. This avoids unnecessary costs and guarantees that your security remains assured.


Personal safety and protection, education and training, security audits and preventive measures. Indispensable terminology used in our present society.

EBC Consultants audits, advises and integrates the experience of specialists, each in their own field, in order to offer their customers the best security solutions currently on the market.

After a personal interview and situation plan, your specific wishes and needs are examined, and with your collaboration, a customized offer is drawn up. Respected and recognized companies licensed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and certified in each of their specific fields give you the guarantee of the right approach.

On the way to and from your home, your business or other destinations, you are assured of top technological resources which will guarantee your optimal protection in case of an emergency.

We invite you to visit our website for a list of our partners and customers. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our products and services.

With professional greetings,

Erick Broods, C.E.O EBC-Consultants